Personal Wellbeing

My personal wellbeing support can be tailored to support your individual needs; whether it is 1-1 coaching, therapeutic support or relaxing treatments which would be most helpful for you. You may prefer a combination of all three.

The treatments are designed to support a wide range of circumstances, from those who simply need time out from their busy lifestyles to others who may be feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life. It could be that you are experiencing mild symptoms of stress or anxiety. Whatever the situation and whatever the nature of the problem, my aim is to find a treatment or a treatment package which works best for you.

The overall aim of the treatments is to give you some breathing space and an opportunity to relax. Many of the treatments will also support you in overcoming negative emotions and help you to responding to thoughts or feelings in a much more positive and balanced way.

Prior to commencing any treatment, I am happy to meet with you to talk through the your situation, the challenges you are experiencing and the support available. This helps to ensure that you fully understand the treatment(s) available and feel completely comfortable working with me.  In all situations, I guarantee you complete confidentiality and the opportunity to talk things through in a relaxed and supportive environment.