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Mindfulness during times of uncertainty

Start with this moment

We can easily get drawn into thoughts about what has already happened and what may or may not have gone well. Events of last month, last week or even of yesterday. Try to avoid wasting your valuable time and energy thinking about what you ‘could’ or ‘should’ have done differently. Start wherever you are now, take just one action (however small) and remember that you don’t need to be perfect.

Empower yourself by choosing your focus

During times of uncertainty, we may feel as though we have lost control. What also becomes apparent is that what is most important to one person, may not be as important to the next. The one thing we do all have in common is the ability to take control of whatever it is we choose to focus on. Where will you choose to direct your attention? Remembering, of course, that whatever we focus on is likely to grow in significance – so it helps to choose wisely.

Give yourself a break

How often have you tied yourself up in knots regarding a problematic situation and then, at a later point, having taken a break from thinking about it, felt so much better or seen things so much more clearly? Often, by stepping away and taking a break from something we can find it easier to reach a solution. Sometimes, the solution may be to simply accept the situation as it is.

Everything changes

Nothing stays the same. Even in a matter of minutes, a situation can evolve into something completely different. If you find that you are often thinking ahead and being troubled with ‘What if?’ questions, then it can help to keep your attention on the ‘here and now’. Ask yourself ‘What do I actually need to do during the next hour?’, then the next hour after that, and so on. This approach can also help to bring us back to the present moment and focus on what really is most important right now.

Patience and self-compassion

We can, at times, become impatient either with ourselves, with others or with situations. Our natural desire can be to remove any uncertainty and, ultimately, to reach an outcome. The current situation is therefore testing many of us to a great

extent. When we can’t reach the outcome, we desire and become impatient about it, this can increase our stress levels and, when this happens, we often end up feeling even worse. So, in fact, by practising patience and by allowing things to unfold in their

own time, this supports us in being much kinder to ourselves. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on the way we feel, our clarity of thinking and our overall wellbeing.