Supporting you

My key aim is to help you or your team overcome challenges, build motivation and self-confidence and ultimately flourish in all aspects of life!

I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher, complementary therapist and have more than 20 years’ experience of working in Human Resources; providing support, coaching and training on a 1-1 basis and with teams.

The individuals I have helped have experienced significant benefits both personally and professionally. These benefits have included increased positivity, reduced anxiety, greater happiness and a renewed zest for life!

A passion for wellbeing support…

My story begins with my own transformation.

My biggest personal challenge came a few years ago when both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal illness.  Tragically they passed away within 3 months of each other; which was both a heart-breaking and life-changing experience.

At the time I felt overwhelmed and drained of energy. Worst of all was that my worries stopped me from getting a good night’s sleep. I enjoyed my job but I found it difficult to unwind. I felt like a hamster on a wheel trying to balance work and home responsibilities.

A close friend recommended a complementary therapist, who happened to specialise in overcoming emotional challenges. After just a small number of treatments I started to feel much better.  I began to take proactive steps, to consider my own wellbeing and to change my life for the better.

I was amazed by my own transformation and this is what has has driven my passion to help others.

Life is never perfect. It will always have its ups and downs. It is how we take care of ourselves that counts. I learned that by changing my approach things could be different and if I can learn this, then so can you!