Who I Am


I’m Lorraine and I have a passion for wellbeing!

I’ve worked with many people who have experienced unwanted thoughts and feelings and helped them to reduce their stress levels, achieve a calmer state of mind, increase their motivation and, most importantly, feel happier in both their home and working lives.

As a result of my own experiences, I became passionate about helping others to learn invaluable skills and techniques to support their mental wellbeing. Read more about my experiences below.


As a fully qualified HR professional with 25 years’ experience of working in business, I have supported many individuals in reducing their workplace stress.

I am also a qualified Mindfulness teacher and Mental Health First Aid instructor, and I specialise in providing support, coaching and training on either a one to one basis or with teams; to help increase positivity, foster a sense of calmness and encourage a renewed zest for life!


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My key aim is to help you to overcome challenges, build motivation and self-confidence and ultimately flourish in all aspects of life!

I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher, trained in stress management and health and wellbeing coaching.  I have 25 years’ experience of providing support, coaching and training on a 1-1 basis and with teams.

The individuals I have helped have experienced significant benefits both personally and professionally. These benefits have included increased positivity, reduced anxiety, greater happiness and a renewed zest for life!

A passion for wellbeing support

My passion for supporting the wellbeing of others began with my own transformation.

A few years ago I faced a huge personal challenge, when both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal illness.  Tragically, they died within 3 months of each other; which was both a heart-breaking and life-changing experience.

At the time, I felt completely overwhelmed. Worst of all, was that my worries stopped me from being able to switch off and rest – the thing I needed to do most. At the time, I was a single mum employed in a demanding full-time role. I enjoyed my job, but I found it difficult to unwind. I felt like a hamster on a wheel trying to balance work and home responsibilities.

A close friend recommended a complementary therapist, who provided EFT treatments and practised meditation. After just a few sessions, I started to feel much better.  I began to take proactive steps, to turn things around and to change my life for the better.

Life is never perfect. There are always ups and downs. It is how we take care of our wellbeing and show kindness to ourselves that really counts.

I learned that by changing my approach things could be different and I am passionate about teaching and sharing this with others!

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